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That is amazing news thank you for all the work you did to get that through. We are sorry for the delay on payment. has been a tough transition becoming one company. finally getting everything aligned and should be caught up in the next few days.

Francisco Lujan

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It works wonderful! We are finally ready to go live! :D Just waiting for Mr. Singh now to sign the approval doc, which I reminded him earlier today, so we should have it soon. Thank you Lacey and Hemadri for your quick turnaround and your patience while we fine-combed throughthe details! Also, big thanks to you guys' team! .)


BayArea Concreating
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Praveen and Lacey, Thank you so much for all of your time and having multiple calls with our team. We so appreciate your generosity of time and attention! Looking forward to seeing what solutions we can come up with to work together. Your supportive, thoughtful, and considerate approach to business is so refreshing. Many thanks, Ashley

Ashley Hartley

Energy for Success
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As soon as we deployed to live, we saw the database server immediately began to perform much better, not needing as much CPU usage. In the attached chart of DB server CPU usage you can clearly see the drop in CPU usage at 10:25 eastern time when we deployed. That is a big success so thank you for your help with this task. And if you can think of any other stored procedures that can be improved in similar ways please let me know.

Greg Zinn

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Thank you for your hard work on this Hemadri, we appreciate you and your team improving this feature for us to better understand our reporting!! Thank you, Brooks

Thats awesome on all accounts my friend, thank you very much!

Brooks Laich

Open Gym
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No questions, Looks good. Thanks for your all the work and your patience ! Much appreciated. Kristine

Kristine Scotto

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Praveen -Thank you for that nice email. I am very happy with the job the developers are doing. You are doing great. I am veryexcited about getting Rotoworld live ASAP because once we get that done we have lots of additional work - Allstar Stats,Sandbox, added features on all the sites. etc. Thanks everyone for your hard work You guys are doing great work. I think the bug tracker has helped a lot to keep us all organized. You guys agree?

Rich Pike

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Thanks for the is accurate. I really appreciate that you & Dheeraj respond & assist whenever I ask.Thanks - You guys are the best! Thanks Praveen...Siddu is the real hero! Thanks Siddartha :)

Sharon Merce

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Hi Thomas & team. It is good to meet you, if only via email for now. You have made great strides in a short amount of time. I appreciate your quick turnaround on revision requests too

Chris Dufaul
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Great! Thanks for a terrific job guys. I think we are done for this phase. We may need to call on you for minor repairs, until we kick up the continuation of moving SQL/ Pay Web into the new navigation that we started last year.

All the work you have done in the past few days looks great. I am going out of town so there will be no more work for a while. As you know, we are taking a development break for about a month while I focus on some other activities. We may need help once in a while as certain issues arise which we will send to Narayanan who might need your assistance. You have done tremendous work, and I hope you can work with us in the future as we continue to make our software offerings even stronger! You are the man.

No buddy, not urgent at all! Go home and have a nice evening with your bride. And thanks are de man!

Craig Johnson

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It was nice talking with you earlier. Iiust want to let you know how impressed and overly satisfied with Rohini performance. He has gone beyond my expectations.

Rohini - I want to thank»you for all your help! You are doing a great job.

KBrennen Mann

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ok awesome I think maybe it has finally been solved. It has been several years that we could not figure out why so many orders were missing. Thank you!

A Allan